The Nature's Bounty Co.

Please select the area that identifies the type of goods or services you are supplying to us.

1. (COGS) Raw Materials and Packaging Components Supplier Compliance Guide

2. (Non-COGS) MRO Equipment and General Services Supplier Compliance Guide

3. Sourced Finished Goods Supplier Compliance Guide (for Puritan's Pride)

4. Transportation Services Supplier Compliance Guide

5. Contract Mfg/Pkg Services (for Puritan's Pride)

6. Contract Mfg / Pkg Services (for Nature's Bounty)

7. Supplier Qualification Questionnaire

8. Nature's Bounty Contract Manufacturing Quality Guide and Requirements

9. Nature's Bounty Contract Packaging Quality Guide and Requirements

10. Nature's Bounty Inbound Route Guide

If you are unsure which guide applies to your products or services,
please contact our Supplier Management department at